Oscar-nominee Ida: If you haven’t seen it, four reasons why you should…

1. … Because this may be your only chance to see an almost-nun go on a road trip with a Communist and end up in a smoky jazz club.  

2. … Because it’s foreign but not off-putting.  From the black and white and the sometimes silent soundtrack to the religious and existential themes, Ida hits many stereotypical marks of a foreign film experience without become so esoteric or arty that it looses its humanity.

3. … Because you’ll be able to have a “personal favorite” in the Best Foreign Film category at that Oscar party you’re going to.  Instant cultural cred.

4.  … Because at under 90 minutes, it offers one of the highest ratios of aesthetic beauty and emotional impact per minute available.

Convinced?  If you are already a member, Netflix or Amazon Prime Video can make it happen for free.



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