#TBT Film Rec: Brewsters Millions

In honor of tonight’s ridiculous double header 7-person then 10-person Republican debate, a quick reminder to put Richard Pryor’s Brewster’s Millions on your film bucket list.  The film combines minor league baseball, electoral politics, venture capitalism, and class-divide comedy.

It’s not high cinema.  And (okay, okay), it’s not Eddie Murphy in Trading Places.  But as a charming trip back to the 80s stand-up star-driven comedies, it delivers while also supplying one of my favorite election time admonitions, “Vote None of the Above!”

Other involved parties of interest: John Candy. Yakov Smirnoff. (yes, the “I love America!” guy) Rick Moranis. That old guy who was married to Jessica Tandy and was in Cocoon…. oh yeah, Hume Cronyn.  And the dad from Seventh Heaven.  

Typing this post while the debate–is that what this is?–rages on in the background, I almost don’t recognize the line between satire and reality. This isn’t the Daily Show but it seems to have references to Rosie O’Donnell, “boos” and “catcalls,” and absolutely nothing like Jack Kemp giving us 7-minute-long lessons on the tax code.   I think I liked these better when they weren’t charged with being arena-sized entertainments.  This is feeling a little too bread and circuses …


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