Get Clued In

Clue (film)
Clue (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In 1985, the movie Clue managed to something  incredibly difficult: it turned a classic board game into a compelling movie.  Simply making flattering comparisons between it and the Rhianna-fied Battleship is too low a bar.  Instead, consider how impressive it is that Clue succeeded in translating a roll-the-dice-and-move, logical deduction game into a story more watchable than the spate of films based on mission-driven video games (e.g., Prince of Persia, Hitman, Max Payne). Continue reading Get Clued In

Admit it, you’ve missed Cold War culture…

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… At least a little.  Drago vs. Rocky.  Those plucky Red Dawn kids.   For sure the Olympics were a lot more exciting.

Now FX’s The Americans promises to scratch that itch weekly.  The series must walk the fragile path between effectively conjuring up the styles and politics of the 80s and coming off as retro nostalgia Continue reading Admit it, you’ve missed Cold War culture…