#TBT Film Rec: Run Lola Run

The media historian in me isn’t getting enough exercise these days so I’ve decided to experiment with a series of “throwback Thursday” recommendations.  To kick this off: a trip to the not-so-distant year of 1999 for German Sundance darling Run Lola Run.

Run Lola Run recounts its heroine’s frantic sprint across town to try to rescue her lover Manni from the fallout of a robbery gone wrong.  Don’t mistake it for a heist film, however. Skipping over anything like the careful run up of planning and then executing the crime, the film dives in with all the criminal wheels already in motion.  What results is all adrenaline–from the beat-the clock circumstances that the couple are up against, to the literal running through the streets of Berlin–accompanied by a kinetic visual style and a techno soundtrack that will not let viewers’ blood pressures fall. Continue reading #TBT Film Rec: Run Lola Run