Clancy’s America

While it’s been great to be working on some book chapters, I’ve had woefully little time to write about current pop culture these last few months.  Then Tom Clancy died and I put down the research, at least for a little while.

A big thanks to the USAToday for giving me an opportunity to reflect on the role Clancy’s work played in American political ideology and global confidence.

Read “Tom Clancy wrote America well” via USAToday.

2 thoughts on “Clancy’s America”

  1. Terrific piece in the USA Today, Laura. I’ve read a number of articles on Tom Clancy’s passing and yours really hit the sweet spot. I have a tiny connection to TC. The next Jack Ryan film, produced by Mace Neufeld is coming out Christmas day IF the scheduling stands up. His death may put a slight hold on the project; I’ll probably know in the next few days. Neufeld Productions optioned my thriller THE SAMARITAN/and series a few months ago. And even though this next Jack Ryan movie is not based on any of Tom Clancy’s books it is based on his characters; I can only hope for a great sendoff to a thriller mastermind. Best, Steve Besecker. Again, congrats on a really well written article.


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